Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big Babool:- Bade Kaam ki Cheez.

BRAND: Big Babool
AGENCY: McCann Erickson
BASELINE: Bade Kaam ki Cheez.

DESCRIPTION: Yet another animated ad! This tells a story of a bird who lays two eggs in her nest. But a tortoise’s egg dropsinto the nest and becomes a part of their family. Soon it is time for the kids to learn to fly; the mother takes the kiddie birds on their first flight. Left alone on the cliff, the baby tortoise chews a big Babool gum and jumps off the cliff. But all’s well, because he blows a balloon out of the gum and uses it as a parachute to get a view of the world from the top!

4Ps TAKE: Quite an attention grabber and a wonderful entertainer with a lovely story. The ad hits bull’s eye — and is sure to go down very well with the target audience: kids. With the desi feel to it (words like ‘bal gopal’ and ‘nervous aiyega nahi’), the ad scores on flawless execution, great communication, newness of idea and amazing animation. Just one gripe: its brilliant storyline almost steals the product’s thunder!

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